Year 1998
Starting with Our Delivery Passage

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ADAT on her original mooring in Douglass Boatyard

  Just after Christmas of 1997/8 we heard about the sale of a Kelt 39 yacht moored in Douglas Boatyard near Preston, one of many we had investigated so had quite a knowledge of what we were looking for and value.  In view of the distance from our homes (over 230 miles) we opted not to have a sea trial although Chris, David and myself spent another day on board organising the sale.   In February Chris & David ensured ADAT was as near ready for sea which included antifouling and Gel Shielding.   The original owner was a Lead Glass expert even working on St Pauls Cathedral and very artistic hence her colours.

ADAT being Antifouled before her delivery passage

ADAT on her mooring at Hesketh Bank

Showing her original regalia

On the 7th of March “ADAT” was purchased by our syndicate of 6 (Chris Freeman, David Seward with myself and our wives), prepared for sea and with a crew of Eric Meighen & Pauline Hooker, my wife Joy (all YOSC members), and myself (Skipper) she was made ready to be delivered to her new home at Wicormarine, Portsmouth.   Later in the passage at Plymouth, David Seward and Geoff Hooker joined us to bring her to her new home.
  The passage started on 30th March 1998 on a drying isolated pontoon mooring at Douglas Boatyard on the River Ribble, Hesketh Bank, near Preston, Lancashire.  It was cold but dry.  I planned stops in the Menai Strait; Caernarfon; Rosslare (by default); Waterford (original choice); Falmouth; Plymouth; Dartmouth; Keyhaven; Cowes (for fuel) and home to Wicormarine in Portsmouth Harbour.   The passage was nearly 500 Nm over 15 days with 38 night hours and the longest leg was 168 Nm.  Our worst passage was from Caernarfon to Waterford in Southern Ireland where we encountered ”Battery Low” & “Off Course” alarms (at the same time, at midnight and in the rain), F9 winds on the nose and 6˝ M waves.   A tow took us to Rosslare (not by choice) and some 2 months later we found we had a faulty (undersized) propellor shaft drive coupling.   We also rewired and isolated the main battery switches.

Our mooring at Hesketh Bank, South side of the pontoon and about 3 boats in from the left. This area dried completely and on Spring tides there can be a Bore of around 1 foot

Just vittled, Fuelled and watered. Our crew settled down and awaited the tide the following day. We were high & dry but as promised, it came, all 1 foot of a Bore complete with all kinds of debris

Another view of our new yacht

Passing the Menai Suspension and Britannia bridges through the Swellies with me at the helm (feeling rather nervous)

Passing Caernarfon Castle after an overnight stop in the Marina and now heading for the Irish Sea

ADAT moored in Plymouth using a hastily sourced Battery Charger, dressed as best we could awaiting the arrival of Geoff Hooker and David Seward

Departing Dartmouth, now with 6 on board (and room to spare) allowed me more time to enjoy the experience

After refuelling at Cowes I just had to be hoisted to the Mast top for a photo-shoot (and ran out of film)

  Although well into the Sailing season of 1998, by now we had a list of faults (mostly minor) that seemed to just grow (130 plus). It seemed that to cure one fault we uncovered another or more but we were getting there and more importantly, we were getting to know ADAT very well. A new propellor shaft and gearbox coupling were quickly fitted and the battery charging rectified.  Most of the year we concentrated on remedying other urgent or serious faults especially those that had arisen during our Delivery Passage, hence just a little pure sailing.  We spent what little time was left of the year setting-up, planning and running our newly formed Partnership not forgetting the planning for our first Winter Refit.