Year 2001

  After yet another intense Winter refit completing many more tasks from our list we started this year with a YOSC visit to Poole and drinks in a local pub.   July saw us on a Treasure Hunt sailing around the Solent collecting clues terminating at the Folly Inn up the River Medina on a rather warm sunny day.

ADAT moored in Poole Marina

We all gather in a local pub

Well deserved refreshment at the Folly Inn

All those who attended

   July and we were entertained by Trevor & Jill Nicholson who as members organised a YOSC BBQ in the back garden with private caterers.  Later in the month and we passaged to Cherbourg for the weekend.   Then in August a Channel Islands visit (one of many to come).   This time I used ADAT’s lifting keel to very good use with chilled wine from the fridge and anchored for 3 days on Shell Beach on the island of Herm.  Since the weather was so grand it gave me the opportunity to “get under” and clean her hull.  Later in our cruise we moored in St Peter Port, Guernsey where we were “Deck to Deck” and of course had some difficulty in exiting the Marina.   No rush and there was plenty of good help from all the Marina staff and Harbour Masters in their Dories. Of course we BBQ’d on the beach and played Boule where there was so much space especially when all the visitors had gone home!  Lastly in September another BBQ this time East Cowes in a small Marque specifically erected for the occasion and this was followed by the clubs 10th Anniversary held in Portsmouth see YOSC Anniversarys.

Club BBQ at Trevor & Jill’s back garden

Weekend trip to Cherbourg

Anchored for 3 days on Shell Beach

Another photo on Shell Beach

Me getting under dirty & wet

Deck to deck in St Peter Port

BBQ at East Cowes Marina

Galatea & Mygal moored
in the Marina