Year 2003

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  Our Winter maintenance at Hayling Yacht took a bit of a change one day as they had experienced a very high flood tide where we had to walk with wellington boots (or even our Sea boots).  It didn’t interrupt our work.  This year we decided to repace all the windows and door.   Our front saloon windows were so “crazed” that it was almost impossible to see through and many others were very bad.   Also we could not match the original tint hence a total replacement.  This lasted some 16 weeks.
This year we started with a weekend trip to Bembridge and the Brading Haven Yacht Club which is always a pleasure.  This was followed with our now annual Cross Channel trip this time aiming for Dinan on the river Rance near St Malo.   There are no problems with draft through the Barrage Lock (St Malo end) and down to Plouer, our first stopover but our lifting keel came into use from there onwards as the canal proper (from Chatelier Lock onwards) the depth is only maintained to 1.4 metres (we draw over 2.2 Metres.   There are warnings of closure of the Chatelier lock when the depth reaches less than 1.4 Metres so one can get “neaped”.  Plouer it seems is where the “Brits” through away their passports as it is so different.  Once through Chatelier lock the surrounding scenery must be experienced to be believed.  In Dinan we seem to always moor on a 23 ft finger leaving our stern rather proud.  The Harbourmaster says that “if its all right with us then its all right with him”.  It was so inviting that another club member moored his 37ft yacht Avalon the other side of the finger. That gave us a very good advantage when they celebrated Bastille Day with the entertainment just the other side of the river.   What a position!

Very high Spring Tide at Hayling Yacht

ADAT shored under cover at Hayling Yacht

David working under the hull

A visit to Brading Haven Yacht Club

Brittany Cruise - Dinan (we are there!)

Bas Sablons marina

Chatelier Lock

Dinan hard (Pauling & Geoff Hooker)

Club members exploring
the ramparts of Dinan

Avalon and ADAT on a 23ft finger in Dinan

Joy helming on our return

Plouer marina, over a sill