Year 2004

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  We continue this year with a first stop in Universal Marina for a very late Antifoul.   Just David Seward and myself this time as our third Partner was undergoing a Hip replacement (any excuse?).  Blocking off was easy as long as it was high enough to gain “scraping and painting” access under the hull.  ADAT being a Kelt 39 is designed to take the hard and stand on its own.  This is achieved using the 2 steel Skegs either side of the mast, one steel Skeg guarding the propellor and both of our substantial Rudders.  As a precaution a support is also made at the Bow.   This is not at all required when on sand.   The antifouling we were using was a “gift” and not as good as we would have liked but it was free and did an acceptable job considering it was replaced yearly.

April in Universal Marina
(Mast Skegs)

Propellor Skegs

David Seward Antifouling

The finished article

  May and a weekend to Osbourne Bay for the current year Commodore’s “Fleet Review”.  This entailed each yacht to anchor, make one’s self look pretty and carry the correct requirements for the yacht whilst the Commodore’s yacht motored around making his inspection, all in a bit of fun.   Below shows us in East Cowes after the Fleet Review enjoying a BBQ.

After the Fleet Review we all enjoyed a BBQ in East Cowes Marina

  In April we undertook a weekend in Cherbourg enjoying drinks etc. on board ADAT.  In July a trip to St Vaast where we just relaxed.  Later in July we passaged to Honfleur where one has to moor in the inside marina (at least once).  Our photo shows another yacht waiting for the Bridge to open.  A short year this year but with the promise of many more years to come.

ADAT entertains in Cherbourg

David relaxing in St Vaast

July Honfleur. Waiting
for the bridge to open