Year 2005

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  Starting the year was ending our Winter Refit (Annual Maintenance) and on one sunny day at Hayling Yacht it was even warm enough to have Fish & chips in the cockpit.   Of course we still had to polish her hull before our launch.  Our first sail this year was to the recently opened Ventnor Yacht Haven where we found we became the first sea going yacht to moor.   It was to be open for yachts on buoys during the sailing season and then priority to fishermen out of season.  It was unique but poorly designed.   There was a sand bar at the entrance which filled so fast one couldn’t even guess at the clearance  and had to ask the Harbour Master for advice.  Then there was the smell at low tide of the washed in seaweed that was never washed out. It was early years?

Chris & David taking a break from our maintenance

Alex enjoying his Fish & Chips

And David enjoying his

Alex polishing after lunch

ADAT moored on buoys in Ventnor Yacht Haven

Another view

A photo from the end of the Western Breakwater

Chris & Damioen (Harbour Master) on the sand Sill

  The next YOSC event was across the Channel to Dielette where we dined in a local restaurant just a little way up the hill.  From the outside it looked rather posh and expensive but the quality was very good and reasonable prices.  This was followed by a weekend visit to Carisbrook Castle via Yarmouth. Then various visits around the Solent starting in Kings Quay Creek (assessable only at High Tide and with our keep UP).   We sailed around the Needles and wished we (I) could have “threaded the Needle” but of course the conditions just have to be right.  Perhaps one for the future? Then past Scratchells Bay (beware of St. Anthony’s rock) before returning west noting the three WW2 Rocket Test facilities above .   We visited Newport and did what Sailors do best in the Bargemans Rest and eventually Wootton Creek and the royal Victoria Yacht Club dining in the evening in the Fishbourne Inn. Just up the Creek is a small business that makes Hovercraft and usually the large front doors are open allowing visitor a very interesting view.

Drinking in Diellette

Carisbrook Castle

Kings Quay Creek

The “EYE” of the Needles

Close-up of the
Needles Lighthouse

Moored on the pontoons in Newport (opposite the Bargemans Rest)

ADAT crew doing what we do best

Rocket testing range above Scratchells Bay

Scratchells Bay

The Fishbourne Inn at Wootton Creek

ADAT moored on the pontoon at Wootton Creek

Company making Hovercraft

  An arial view of Newtown Creek showing the mooring buoys (top middle) and the Hard (middle left) where one can dinghy and walk to the Horse & Groom pub on the main road for entertainment.

Aerial photo of Newtown Creek

  Then our annual Cross Channel even this time to the Channel Islands.  We visited Sark where there are no motorised vehicles (even the emergency vehicles are horse or tractor drawn). The harbour is small but comes with a small but delightful beach with its own private tunnel access.   One of the best bays for swimming with local safe boat mooring is just north of Le Coupee, the bridge joining both the islands forming Sark.  West of Sark is the island of Brecqhou which is Private.   Lastly comes our Winter Maintenance again (November to March Inc.).   We are still using our “gift” antifouling and it doesn’t work leaving us with much weed growth (see photo of weed growth around the keel).   We are investigating “Flag” antifouling at this stage and it seems so far to be worthwhile.   One day maybe?  Our deep sea seal (prop shaft to engine seal) seemed to have been scored probably by sand in the lubricating sea water.   According to the manufacturers it is a replacement item.   Why? we said and duly re-polished the surfaces.

Sark harbour with
“Rafts” outside

Emergency vehicles

Public access to the Harbour

One of the best bays for swimming

View of the island
of Brecqhou

Le Coupee showing the Bay steps

Weed growth around the keel slot/balast plate

Our re-polished Deep Sea Seal

  In the evenings at Wicormarine one is surprised by the sights.  We took advantage of a Police Rib photographing (for fun) one of our members as if he was drunk (note the empty Gin bottle). Of course there are the occasional gems of photos and this one is Portsmouth from Wicormarine just on sunrise.   Lastly back to our annual maintenance with Harry (volunteer and myself servicing the engine, this time an injector change.

Police Rib, a gem of a (fun) pic

The evenings sunset,
Wicormarine to Portsmouth

Harry and myself maintaining the engine