Year 2006

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  Oops!   In March I accidentally fell off our Sugar scoop whilst ADAT was on the hard. Being in a Boat Yard, a First Aider soon arrived but having been a First Aider myself for around 25 years I was clear what condition I was in.   Within minutes a First Alert lady with a medical Backpack came to assess me and she ensured that an Ambulance was on its way.   A Paramedic from the Ambulance arrived minutes later, assisted me to the Ambulance for a full assessment and took me to The Queen Alexander Hospital in Cosham in Portsmouth where I spent some 8 hours.   They eventually placed my right leg (a torn Achilles tendon) and left forearm (broken wrist bone) in casts but realised that a full length cast on my leg would not enable me to enter a car thus stopping me from going home so another, shorter cast was put on.  I distinctly got the impression that this hospital was just about the worst I could imagine. I even asked for a Taxi to take me to the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading (RBH), A&E after nearly 3 hours waiting.  This got some reaction.  They really hadn’t a clue.
The following day I spent another 5 hours in the RBH at the Fractures Clinic just for a check-up where they severely criticised my plasters, changed them and made several more X-rays, some 9 in total.  I also had a severely sprained right wrist which changed colour from black to blue on both sides and was almost permanently swollen and in pain.  My left wrist was just permanently in pain.  Now with opposite limbs in plaster and both wrists out of action, walking was impossible so a form of hopping with the part aid of one “elbow” crutch was the only way to get around.  Later we hired a wheelchair.   Well that put paid to sailing for quite some time.
End of March ADAT was successfully launched this year on Hayling Yacht’s new Boat Mover.  This literally picks up the boat with supports on her hull and lowers her into the water.  Unfortunately on this occasion they misplaced one set of supports and did some minor damage the our fuel tank supports.   It was never used on ADAT again.
After I had recovered sufficiently for safe sailing I ventured with a strong crew to our first event this year, Beaulieu, just a short weekend.   This was followed in May with another weekend at Wootton Creek where some yachts “got it wrong” and later in Shepherds Wharf, Cowes and locally including Newport and Ventnor making use of our lifting keel.  June saw us on the YOSC Island Harbour event and the good and established Scrap Heap Challenge originated by Commodore Graham France, games and BBQ.

ADAT launching on a new “Boat Moover” at Hayling Yacht

April, Alex Phipps, David Seward, Harry Williams and myself venture to Beaulieu

David at Beaulieu

Alex samlping the wine at Beaulieu (it was cold)

Wootton creek when things go wrong Yachts leaning over. We got it right though

Cowes, Fish & Chips Corries cabin

June Island harbour, bbq & games and the
Scrap Heap Challenge

July, YOSC Summer Cruise starts. Eating in La Pizza Restaurant, Cherbourg

  This year our Summer Cruise was to St Malo and again up the River Rance to Dinan as well as passages to France (Cherbourg and St Vaast) including tours of Alderney (cycling around the Island).  The very motion of sailing is just about the best form of physiotherapy I could have now.   In Dielette I was offered a free mooring on the back garden pontoon of the owner of a yacht where I gave some mooring tuition, provided we supply the wine. After showing the Skipper how to moor his yacht I then had to do likewise for his wife.    Of note, the freshly caught and cooked Crab purchased in St Peter Port were the size of dinner plates (biggest I’ve seen) and cost a mere £18 for them both.  Lastly we start our Winter Refit and the priority this year was for me to replace the Cockpit teak which was rather tatty and made in plywood.  I used genuine quarter-cut Burmese teak in 2 different shades for the main different widths.  It took some 6 weeks but looked outstanding and was even published in Practical Boat Owner.

Cherbourg. Harry standing next to a commercial Van with a look-alike face on the side. A while later the owner came out and stood back laughing

Alderney, Cycling tour of the Island taking in all the forts and ending in a local pub for refreshment

Alderney, Taking in the view South of the Airport

A drink at the Old Barn restaurant near Longy Bay, Alderney

Crab purchased from the underground market in St Peter Port. These gave us 10 meals (with all the trimmings of course)

Bastille day celebrations in St Malo. The celebrations here were the best I had attended over some 20 years

On route to Plouer Marina on the River Rance
(a different world)

Dinan by night. Even more attractive

Moored in Dielette Marina where Malcolm & I tossed a coin to see who gave our neighbours tuition in mooring their rather expensive yacht

We celebrate with a drink in a pub just outside Dielette Marina

Mike Higgins on board in St Vaast marina

December. Adat's New (real) Cockpit Teak