Year 2007

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  Mostly local passages on ADAT for 2007 and we started in April just after our launch with Mike Higgins installing an Outboard Cover with A in white.  In May I Skippered a yacht for the UK Firefighters Challenge (seeRacing) where we came rather low in the order although we did cross the start second on one occasion.   Not too bad for a scratch crew and most importantly, they all enjoyed the experience.  Scratch? Well one decided it was time for Tea when actually racing and on another occasion one wanted to strip off for some sun-bathing.  All good experience though.   This was followed with a weekend in Chichester with a roast dinner (and all the trimmings) on this occasion on board.   June saw me sharing duties with 4 other Yachtmasters (later down to 3)  on a Vancouver 36 bringing her back from Faro in Portugal (1600 Nm over 6 weeks) (see Moonlight).   We arrived in Faro at the Boat Yard at night.   By the time we  gathered all our belongings on board and as we were tired and it was  hot, well the litre of whisky was opened and emptied by some thirsty  sailors.  By this time one of us had found out how to short our the  batteries enabling us to use the lights.   It was a long day?  July and a BBQ in Northney Marina then in August another venture to Chichester and finally in September a reinactment of one members childhood experience, sailing on the Norfolk Broads at Potter Heigham (see Wood Sorrel). Just 3 days in and it rained and rained.  The cockpit converted into  the Galley once the mainsail was lowered and a cover installed.  No heads on board since one literally faced another crew.  By midweek the  rain was torrential and we requested a tow back to base cancelling the  remainder of the weeks booking.  It would have been better without the  rain but unfortunately it just didnt stop.

April and Mike Higgins had made an Outboard Cover (so proud)

May UK Firefighters Sailing Challenge (Skipper)

May, Doug Board, Myself and Trevor Blunden dining on board

June We have arrived (at night) on MOONLIGHT

Moonlight. vancouver 36

July Northney BBQ and games

August, Sailing on route to Chichester for another visit

 September. Norfolk Broards, Potter Heigham Bridge again. a wash-out