Year 2009

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  Stretching West, mostly local and Cross-Channel trips for this early part of the season.  The highlight so far was being invited on board a £1.6M Princess 55 Motor vessel owned by a Norwegian who had just sold his business for £122M.   A professional Skipper with friends for crew but the main problem he had was just keeping the fridges stocked with beer.   55 knots burning some 550 Litres/hour from 2 huge 1,200Hp diesels.  But from the outside the engines were so quiet and almost undetectable.  Yars, the owner wanted to stow 2 spare propellors on the bathing platform but they weighed so much the platform wasn’t strong enough. All the YOSC crews dined out later that evening mostly in the Union Inn pub where by chance so did Yars and his crew and that was where he  presented me with a plastic tray imprinted with the Isle of Wight.
There was also a “stag” trip for 12 on board over a weekend (Folly Inn, Cowes and Osborne Bay) but that is a story worth telling another time. One should never venture out in fog but we ran into thick fog around Bembridge on our way to France for a weekend passage. In Cherbourg 'Queen Victoria' was slipping and each of the mandatory 3 long blasts of their horn lasted over 8 seconds before she even started to reverse.  It seemed about 20 minutes before she cleared her berth.   Coming back from Weymouth we decided to lunch inside Man o 'War Cove almost touching the rocks as we entered the bay but holding our position as we ate.

April, Cowes, down to earth now entertaining on Adat (Harry & Brother Mick) with the Princess 55 behind us

April, Being entertained at lunch on board the
Princess 55

Myself on the Pushpit (dreaming of course)

YOSC crews dining in the Union Inn

Yars had presented me with a serving Tray as a momentum

April, Chris Freeman entertaining with a small Pims

We were all invited to a humungous spread on Dreamcatcher

May (29th) and myself helming with Chris on the starboad quarter seat

This was all 12 of our Party

Dining in the Folly Inn before the fun started

May, (29th), Stag Party at the Folly Inn, We all join in the fun

May, YOSC visit to Cherbourg, Sailing into a bank of Fog (off Bembridge)

  One should never venture out in fog but in May we ran into a thick fog bank around Bembridge on our way to France for a long weekend passage.  In Cherbourg the Queen Victoria€¯ was slipping and each of the mandatory 3 long blasts of their horn lasted over 8 seconds before she even started to reverse.  It seemed about 20 minutes before she cleared her berth.  Some of us climbed the hill and visited the Liberation Museum and later the Le Redoubtable nuclear submarine museum.  June and a short weekend  in Northney Marina for games and on a good day a BBQ.  In inclement weather it is a good run across the bridge to the nearest pub, the Ship  Inn.

The passage with full sail
was thrilling

With seas settling I relaxed as “George” was now in command

May, YOSC in Cherbourg, A Dull Day with the Cockpit Tent erected

View of the whole Harbour from the Liberation Museum

Zooming in at the docked Queen Victoria¯

May, YOSC Cherbourg, 'Queen Victoria' in port. After 3 long 8 second blasts of her horn, she took 20 minutes to reverse her own length

She is absolutely HUGE

One must visit the Le Redoubtable€¯ nuclear submarine

A meal in La Pitza
in Cherbourg

June, Northney Marina Rally

Northney Games and a BBQ (on a good day)

June and a week on Alia with Richard & Lynn and their friend Ben

   Late June I was asked if I would help on Alia on the owners first Cross Channel.  See ALIA.   On another event late June we sailed to Weymouth for the weekend and  our return passage took us past Durdle Door to Man o War cove where we  lunched.   Not just any lunch but a full roast with all the trimmings  and all prepared and cooked by Chris.  Needless to say the ”afters”€¯ were something special.  I took her in the bay almost touching the rocks as we entered but holding our position as we ate.
YOSC in July had a West Country Cruise (Summer Cruise), a change to the Cross Channel.  We started in Poole and visited Brownsey Island (and the unique Red squirrels). On to Weymouth visiting the Northe Fort then on to Portland sailing this time by bus.  There we visited the lighthouse and the Bill rocks viewing Chesil beach. On our return we anchored in a favourite, Studland bay with the evenings setting sun, one of the best endings to an event.  In August Joy & I had the chance to take our son Mike, his wife Julie and their daughter Jessica on ADAT to Shepards Wharf being not too long a passage (just in case?) and the interest in Cowes for the night. Then onwards and headed all the way up the river Medina to Newport, another very interesting town.

Me and my “Big Ears”

June and dinner in
“Man o War”€¯ Cove

June, Man o 'War Cove for Lunch (returning from Weymouth)

Afters” anyone?

Brownsea Island and one of the unique Red Squirels

Maggie & Sara being school girl close

ADAT on the Weymouth Holding pontoon

Weymouth Harbour

Julie, Jess, Joy & Mike in Shepards Wharf

A small Steamer passing by at Newport

Jess (age 14) at the helm in the Solent

Julie, Jess and Mike enjoying the view with Jess helming

  September now and our annual Island Harbour event.  Rather late this year but still one of the favourite YOSC events enjoyed by some 9 boats. Late September I asked if another yacht Elizabeth would like to join us on a venture to Mengeham Rythe sailing club which dries completely on their secure coded entrance to their visitors pontoon mooring.

September, Island Harbour and the Scrap Heap Challenge winners

Island Harbour Blind Rowing winners

Mengeham Rythe sailing club entrance at low tide

ADAT alongside with Elizabeth