Year 2010

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  During our Winter Refits at Hayling Yacht we occasionally lunched in the local Yew Tree pub, their garden in favourable weather was most inviting. Early May and a trip to Yarmouth however whilst sailing the tide forced  us to start the engine and to my great surprise the whole boat was vibrating and it was soon discovered had something to do with the  engine.  A quick deviation and I sailed her to Osbourne Bay and dropped anchor so as to check the undersides. It wasn’t long before we found that we had lost one of the blades from our Brunton propellor.   We  lunched and sailed back to Portsmouth where the Harbour Master refused our request to sail through the Harbour entrance and organised a tow.    However at the time we passed through the entrance a very thick fog bank came down from the east and on the urgent orders of QHM the tow was  immediately dropped to enable them to assist the mayhem passing through  the Harbour entrance.  I had to sail back to our mooring at Wicormarine at about 1 knot.  The following day at Wicormarine I changed the propellor back to the original.  June and a weekend at Bembridge for a BBQ.

Lunching at the Yew Tree pub our favourite haunt

Trevor draining the last drop whilst on anchor in Osbourne Bay

Our enforced 'Tow' through Portsmouth Harbour

June, Maggie & Jane in Bembridge

  April 2010 saw the resignation of one of our Partners (David with wife Anne Seward) and June saw the introduction of Adam & Lynne Bispham. Adam actively joined in our Maintenance Schedule building experience for when he and Lynne purchase their own yacht.   This was a tremendous help to our Partnership.  He will be a Non Equity Sailing only Partner taking over David’s share of the sailing. We all still keep in touch with  David and of course he still sails with us.
YOSC hold a long weekend of events at Island Harbour Marina where Sara & I won the  Blind Dinghy race.   Another event is the Scrap Heap Challenge€¯ where ADAT’s entry showed promise but failed to gain honours (this year) but did give us designs for our next entry.  She was far too fast and took to the wind whatever the direction and sailed far off course but due to its tremendous speed (even on the road) it won a prize. Alan Bew won this year.  One of the events this year was a walk and train ride on the Haven Street Railway culminating with lunch in a pub.

June, Island Harbour Marina, Sara & myself receiving our Winners Trophy (a bottle of wine)

Alan Bew receiving the Challenge Trophy

Boats made completely from scrap material

One of the Steam engines on the Haven Street Railway

  This years Summer Cruise was through the Channel Islands to St Malo but this time I was invited to sail on Miranda. See Miranda.  My favourite steak is Fillet and of course where better to enjoy a drink than outside the hotel where the best steak was invented, the Chateaubriand hotel within the walls in St Malo. On our return passage we diverted a short distance to the relatively new harbour of St Cast where we enjoyed the shore walk (LED lit at night) to the village.  This harbour is always an excellent choice not only having 24 hour access but with new facilities, restaurants on the hard, WiFi and the short well lit walkway to the  village itself.

July in St Malo and we all pass the time outside the Chateaubriand hotel

Myself & Trevor on the wall in St Malo

Sara in our Galley. It seems “burgers”€¯ are on the menu

Adam preparing our evening Risotto

  Getting to the end of the season now and in September YOSC ventured to Shepards Wharf for a weekend.  Cowes has much to offer, is always changing and should you be adventurous there is more interest just a short walk south and west of the town.  My guest this sail was Joy’s brother Steve Hennah, a newcomer to sailing. October, our last sail of the year saw us again on a favourite  of the YOSC, the Dan Bran pontoon in Lymington.  There are several  choices for dining and the favourite being the Mayflower pub.

ADAT with Talulah & Miranda moored in Shepards Wharf

Miranda entertains

Steve suitably clothed for the weather ahead

October and we share a drink on the Dan Bran pontoon

ADAT moored alongside in Shepards Wharf