Year 2011

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  March saw the launch of ADAT from Hayling Yacht again on their Boat Mover.  April and our first visit to Chichester where Dreamcatcher entertained this year.  By the canal we saw Swans nesting and one mother guarding  her young signets. After dining in the Yacht clubs restaurant we  adjourned to the green where the sun was setting.  Glorious as usual.

ADAT about to launch using Hayling Yacht’s Boat Mover

April. Dreamcatcher Entertains in Chichester

Chichester Marina, “Mum”€¯ guarding her young Signets near the Club House

A glorious Sunset taken just outside the Chichester Club House conservatory

  May and a venture to Marchwood Yacht Club for dinner in their restaurant. Price and quality has varied over time as have the staff and this year  was no exception.  June saw the Island Harbour event, always popular  and well attended with Giant Jenga game, Egg & Spoon race, Swap the “T”¯ shirt race culminating with dinner in the Breeze restaurant.  The following day saw the Blind Dinghy race and the all time favourite the Scrap Heap Challenge.

Dinner in Marchwood YC Restaurant

June, Island Harbour
and Giant Jenga

Egg & Spoon race

Swap the “T” shirt race

Dinner in the Breeze restaurant

Blind Dinghy race

Scrap Heap challenge

A pensive Lynne pondering at the Helm on our return

  Late June and the YOSC Shoal Draft event to Bembridge. ADAT anchored in Osborne Bay for a nights anchorage before meeting the club in Bembridge  for a BBQ.  Its called Shoal Draft but Bembridge is dredged to 2M up to the Duver pontoons.

Anchoring off the beach in Osbourne Bay

A falling tide
inside Bembridge

Adam & myself enjoy a quite drink under our Cockpit Tent

Adam & Chris Freeman contemplate the time of day

  Early July and a weekend event in Northney Marina for a BBQ.  First stop was lunch at anchor in almost 10M south of Thorney Island.  It seemed very strange that fishermen wearing Salopettes were standing just a few Metres away.
Late July saw us on the YOSC Summer Cruise this time Normandy and clockwise starting at Fe Camp.  The entrance is so inviting with a timber walkway right to the shore side.  Always much to see with the German fortifications on the Eastern side of the entrance and of course visiting and sampling where the Benedictine Monks made the famous spirit in their Monastery (now elsewhere).   Next stop was Honfluer where we intended to moor in the Inner Basin (not the first time for myself but a must others).  We slipped in plenty of time for the rising of the gate  however in spite of several calls it didn’t open however we thoroughly enjoyed the much quieter pontoon mooring in the Outer Harbour (water & electricity available with a secure gate). Locking in at Ouistreham then on to an alongside mooring overnight adjacent to the Pegasus Museum.  0915 the following morning saw the Bridge open for our fleet to motor the short but interesting passage to Caen where we stayed for several days.  It just so happened that there was an  endurance Charity cycle race for any type of cycle to 500 Km so the  bridge to the Marina was closed for most of the afternoon.   The noise  they made as they came by!  After Caen we passaged to Deauville and with permission moored just outside their Yacht Club (and next to the town).  From Deauville we sailed onwards entering the Mulberry Harbour  in this case through the Red & Green marker buoys but only to say we had been there.   Onwards then to Grandcamp Maisy, a small Marina.   ADAT was first to leave and sped under engine & sail to within 3 Nm  of St Vaast then dropped all sail cruising at around 1 Nm whilst the  crew Fished.   And fished they did pulling as many as 6 at a time with a total of over well 40.  Elizabeth and Constance overtook us when I  noticed St Vaast had disappeared.   It was about to pour down so up came the fishing rods and full revs on the engine.  We soon overtook both Elizabeth and Constance stowing their sails and shot in to the Marina  picking the first vacant space to moor.  By the time I had stopped the  boat, lines and power cables were utilised and our Cockpit tent was literally thrown from below into the cockpit and within minutes erected.  We didn’t get that wet and it absolutely poured down later but from  under the cockpit tent out went the fishing rods again (no luck this time though). With so many fish we gave many away and cooked as many as we could eat.

ADAT seen exiting Portsmouth Harbour

Club yachts anchored in
10M South of Thorney

Northney Marina and
we all enjoy a BBQ

Myself at Northney’s BBQ area

Dave forgot a knife?

July. Fe Camp’s welcoming Timber walkway

”Kekova”€¯ a Kelt 39 based
in Fe Camp

Adat waiting for the last opening of the gate to the Inner Harbour

Dreamcatcher in the Inner basin displaying the YOSC House Flag

ADAT in the lock at Ouistreham on way to Caen

Tied up below Pegasus Bridge on way down Caen Canal

Both 4 and 3 wheel cycles racing

And of course 2 wheeled bicycles

ADAT dining Al fresco

Our YOSC fleet moored in Deauville Basin just outside the Yacht Club

Footbridge across river between Trouville & Deauville at low water

Around the Mulberry Harbour

Moored in Grandcamp Maisy

Our crew Fishing on route to St Vaast

Moored in St Vaast

  The transport from St Vaast to the island of Tatihou, ”Tatihou 11” seemed to have changed, the same type but refurbished, more likely just another coat of paint. To celebrate our visit we dined out in a local restaurant.
 August saw us passaging to Shoreham with Happy Hour on route and once through the lock & moored we invited other crews to celebrate our arrival.  The following day we passaged to another favourite, Eastbourne passing close to Beechy Head lighthouse.  Once moored inside the Marina we had a choice of restaurants to visit.  After dining we walked it off back to our yachts.   Passaging back to our home ports was made in one sail.
September now and a trip to Littlehampton for a pub meal.   For me it was again up the mast of ADAT for some urgent work before we could passage home.   And the last sail of this season was to Itchenor for a meal ashore not  forgetting this position to view a splendid sunset.

Still the same “TATTHOU 11” Duck transport

Celebrating our visit in a local restaurant

August and Happy Hour on route to Shoreham

We continue with other yachts on board

Onwards East passing Beechy Head Lighthouse

Dining in Eastbourne Marina

Walking it all off walking back to our Yachts

September, Littlehampton on a falling tide

ADAT entertains in Littlehampton

Yes thats me up our mast again

Late September and a trip to Itchenor

A grand sunset at Itchenor

  October saw the 20th Anniversary of Yateley Offshore Sailing Club and was celebrated in grand style with an Anniversary Dinner held in the prestigious Royal Maritime Club in Portsmouth see YOSC Anniversaries and November saw the introduction of Roger and Rosamund Bailey as full Equity Partners.