Year 2012

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  At the beginning of this season I had to undergo a Rotator Cuff Tear repair operation with my arm strapped to my chest for 6 weeks which led to the cancellation of ALL my Skippering for most of 2012. The most I could do was board as a “Passenger” (if allowed) and be VERY careful.   By the end of the 2012 season I was well enough to join in with our annual out-of-commission maintenance leading to the exercises I required for a full recovery.  And this all thanks to my caring (?) Partners.  Caring, well yes as if I attempted to do something wrong in their eyes I was fined a round of drinks for all on board.
  In May of this year we enrolled Adam & Lynne Bispham as non-equity Partners joining us in the Maintenance and Running of ADAT for a share of the Sailing.  Their long term plan once they retire is to purchase a yacht, sail Great Britain and then cruise further afield (Mediterranean) and quote “the more experience in both Sailing and most importantly Maintaining a vessel the better”.  Once launched I had to visit the top of the mast  and thought a photograph would be in order as this elevation is unusual.   Here we are looking down into the cockpit.

View from the top of ADAT’s mast
whilst on her mooring at Wicormarine

  A bit of a gap in my sailing at this point as I had a Rotator Cuff operation, see HOME page.   Whilst in recovery in July my Partners invited me out for an overnight anchorage in Priory Bay near Bembridge.   It was such a hot day we even erected our Bimini.  Chilled wine straight from the fridge was followed by a delightful evening meal.   Then the fishing started but nothing was caught.  May be it was the warm shallow water, who knows?  As the evening came so did the reflection of the sun setting on the Solent waters and so low as to redden our faces to end the day.   So strange in that even the wine turned red.  Just cant understand that one.

July anchored in Priory Bay

Roger passing the time fishing (nothing caught)

Reflection of the sun on the Solent after dinner

The warm setting sun reflecting on our Red faces

  Occasionally I take others on board for practising all those manoeuvres one thinks one doesn’t really need but in truth, never practise themselves.   It’s so surprising just how much skill we loose but mentally think we still have.   Absolutely nothing beats practise and more practise in all conditions for getting it right.   I also give some training to novices on boat handling, manoeuvring under engine using the tide (Ferry gliding, Picking up a buoy, etc.).  This year Harry, Steve and Allun took advantage of the offer in August and we started with an overnight in Shepards Wharf the the Sunday in Portsmouth harbour with the manoeuvres.   Years later Allun with much more training passed his Yachtmaster Offshore examination.
October saw us on a trip to Littlehampton for the weekend.  Not a very large pontoon and one must expect to “raft” but right next to the Harbour Masters office and facilities.   The town has so much to offer (but keep it to yourselves).

August and a Training weekend starting in Shepards Wharf

ADAT returning to Portsmouth after a night at Littlehampton

  October this time as we approach the end of the sailing season with a weekend on the Dan Bran pontoon in Lymington harbour dining in the Lymington Town Yacht Clubs popular and inviting restaurant with drinks at discounted club prices.
We had wanted to cover our Ring Deck with real Teak but the price was prohibitive then we found a company literally on our doorstep at Hayling Yacht that supplied and fitted a plastic form of Teak.   We had a look at various types with the improvements over the rears as the technology improved and the colours & shades available and made our choice.   This type of work can only be undertaken realistically during the Summer season when the working temperatures are above 5 deg C (or preferably 10 deg C) so we decided that it was NOT to be a Winter Refit task and had to be scheduled in during the Sailing season.  A date and price was settled and the work was carried out whilst ADAT was on her pontoon at Wicormarine taking some 4 days.  It was soon recognised by other YOSC members and many inspected the work whilst we were at Lymington at the Dan Bran event. See Cockpit Teak

October, ADAT on route to Lymington and their Dan Bran Pontoon

Adat with guests admiring our new Teak Ring Decking at Dan Bran Lymington

Sara at the helm taking us home