Year 2013

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  In January 2013 Joy & myself started with a Partners Dinner (all 8 of us) in Onslo Court, London followed with a visit to Gordons Wine Bar to complete the evening.
The sailing season started with a weekend in Chichester Marina (Dinner in the Yacht Club) and another Dinner at Marchwood although neither of these were on ADAT.  1st May and ADAT was launched, a month later than normal.  We had our Keel remade and the delays just ran away with themselves.  The “fit” was not correct (jamming in the slot) but we jointly decided to run with the problem for the season and have it corrected when next on the hard.
April and a weekend in Chichester dining in their splendid restaurant.  Then another weekend at Marchwood dining in their restaurant.  Not a patch on Chichester but just about worth going.  Its unfortunate really as they have much to offer as a club and for visitors but it all seems half-hearted.
In May we attended the Island Harbour Marina trip with all the various games etc.   The main being the Scrap Heap Challenge where my design gained First Place honours and a Trophy.

April in Chichester as Dreamcatcher entertains

Dreamcatcher entertains

Dinner in the Chichester Yacht Club restaurant

Dinner in the Chichester Yacht Club restaurant

April, Marchwood for Dinner

Marchwood for Dinner

May Island Harbour “open Boat” on ADAT

ADAT’s Scrap-Heap Challenge 'Winners' vessel

ADAT entertains

I am presented with the Scrap Heap Challenge trophy

Our evening’s BBQ

Glorious sunset over the moored vessels

   Also in May was a venture to Poole via Lymington Marina however with a weak crew and very strong winds we opted to remain where we were on our pontoon (a free mooring).  The following day we sailed to Priory Bay for an overnight stop only to find very thick fog the following morning but we made a safe albeit late return to our mooring at Wicormarine.

May. ADAT sailing well on route to Lymington

Chris taking a nap in the harbour

Roger busy in the galley

Sunset in Priory Bay made a stunning end to the day

  June saw Adam and Lynne resigning from our Partnership.   Being close to choosing a yacht for themselves to circumnavigate England and pastures farther afield they completed our planned Sailing Schedule for the season whereby we saw “Charisma” (Bavaria 38 CC) purchased early the following year.
Later in June I was again asked to take some of my regular crew on another Training weekend.  I started locally in a falling tide making them very much aware of where the boat is relative to the (unseen) mud.  Then moving downstream picking up buoys under engine alone until one experienced crew was found to be “drifting” sideways with the engine in drive. He assured me that we were on course but I was fully aware we were soon to be on a mud bank on the still falling tide.  I made some very quick checks and found we had NO drive from the engine so took command and this time with canvas raised and my crew on alert sailed back to our mooring.   This was indeed a difficult task pushing me to my limits and on one occasion I had to sail between moored yachts and the dreaded MUD.  We made it. On examination we found our Aquadrive had shattered.   The rubber seal had broken, all the oil had drained and the ball race had shattered leaving us with no drive.   A new drive was acquired and fitted (very expensive).

ADAT’s Engine bay showing the Aquadrive
and a portion of the broken rubber seal

The Aquadrive seal had split and all the oil discharged

  For the last few years an Eastern Promise passage has been incorporated in the YOSC Sailing Programme this year being no exception.  Starting in August from Portsmouth and on to Shoreham for an overnight stop then Eastbourne Marina for 2 nights returning to Brighton Marina and Littlehampton. As always I attempt to give others the opportunity to take some form of control in sailing Adat on the various legs.  We slipped Portsmouth this time passing through the Forts and with such a Low tide the Submarine ‘Barrier’ was frighteningly above water.  Sailing in company with “Harley” we were soon entertaining each other but with our “resident” Chef (Allun Proom) we had the advantage especially with dishes such as Steak Poivre and Flambéed Pancakes.   Brighton Marina is huge and Eastbourne even bigger and both are very well facilitated with restaurants and entertainment and make good any rainy day.   In Eastbourne we joined “Pristina”, a Lagoon 380 cat who entertained us all before we all congregated in a local Harvester for dinner.   Later much the same in Brighton but on route to Littlehampton “Phoenix” had engine problems.   With that hopefully cleared we all ventured out to head home for Portsmouth when “Harley” turned back to assist “Phoenix” this time with an almost dud engine.   “Phoenix” was eventually assisted to a berth in Chichester harbour with a suspected Blocked Fuel filter.   But they were safe.

August, Eastern Promise. Submarine Barrier at low tide (Horse Sand Fort to Lumps Fort)

ADAT moored in Littlehampton

Lifting bridge within Eastbourne Marina

We investigate just
part of the marina

We invite “Harley” on
board for Dinner

Allun Proom, our
resident Chef

Of course there’s always
the washing-up

Brighton and yes we are there

Littlehampton and a Dog is interested in something

Are yes, now we know (next room)

ADAT alongside in Littlehampton

Sunset reflecting on the Riverside houses in Littlehampton

 A late launch this season but ADAT was fit for sea and I was now fit-for-duty as a Yachtmaster should be and 2013 saw a crammed years sailing.   One particular passage was my Joint Partners Adventure in August, a passage I had longed to undertake.   This took the first crew on a Navigational exercise from Wicormarine to Cherbourg, Alderney, Dielette, St Peter Port, Carteret, Granville & St Malo. They planned to take their RYA Yachtmaster Theory and used the passages to give themselves practical experience.   It must have paid off as they all later passed. With my crew undertaking the navigation I could relax somewhat although of course I kept an overall eye on their progress. This cruise gave them all time to experiment with the sail settings and gain much experience and for their benefit in the very low wind speed I even raised our Cruising Chute.  I have used this Chute to just over gusts of 20 knots but wouldn’t recommend it. It was an expected handful although it still performed well.
We completed our first adventure in St Malo however getting from Granville to St Malo was somewhat worrying.  We were motoring and encountered some vibration on route that I put down to weed unbalancing the propellor and was sure it would lessen as soon as we slowed down and we could certainly clean the Propellor when on our mooring.   That was our thoughts however as I slowed down to reach the last opening lock into Bassin Vauban I realised our problem was far more serious as the vibration intensified.  Now I was worried.   Not only that but the lock didn’t open so I had to make our way at a much reduced speed into Bas-Sablons and pick up the nearest mooring.   Once the engine cover was removed the problem became obvious, the Aquadrive we fitted just a few months ago had broken again.  A long call to the suppliers including photos and a video and they promised to assemble another for us to fit in St Malo. I have to say at this point that the Harbour Masters organisation of a tow from Bas-Sablons marina into the lock and another tow from the lock to Bassin Vauban pontoon was extremely well organised and FREE.   Needless to say a large donation was made to one of the staff who was in training.
My second crew and a change of Skipper giving me a rest, all very experienced yachtsmen by arrangement brought the new Aquadrive and fitted it on arrival.  I then took ADAT from St Malo to Plouer & Dinan (River Rance) where Roger took over as Skipper taking us back to St Malo then on to St Peter Port and home giving me some relief.  Unfortunately on route from Dinan back to St Malo we ran into rocks and damaged our keel.  A quick check on the integrity of our hull and a limp to Bas-Sablons again.   The keel was certainly damaged but not seriously enough to stop us sailing home.
   What with a faulty Battery (pulling down our Domestic battery bank), Dolphins; Plane crash off Jersey; Masses of ½M diameter Jelly fish; Customs search in Granville; Harry's sun glasses (unable to read with the ships lighting), that’s another story in itself; Restaurant fire in Granville; Boarding ADAT on the wrong pontoon (Harry in Dielette), again another story; Refused entry in a lock (last lock to Basin Vauban in St Malo); Aquadrive u/s (no engine drive); 2 Tows; I would certainly consider this trip to have truly been an Adventure.  Of note, there is a pod of over 100 Dolphins in the shallow drying waters of the Bay du Mont-Saint-Michel one of which was found near Plouer.  As it was a retrained “rescued” dolphin it was again rescued and returned to the Bay du Mont-Saint-Michel but later again found in the Rance where it happily remains.
Would I do it again or another Adventure - certainly and at the drop of a hat!  That’s what sailing is about and what I have been trained for - an adventure.  After all, where does one get glorious sunsets or sunrises as in the photo below?

August, Sunrise at Wicormarine. Such a good start for our Cruise

We have arrived in Cherbourg

On a buoy in Bray Harbour, Alderney

Dielette awaiting for Moules Frites

Views from the Terrace in Guernsey

Coffee for my crew on the Terrace restaurant

Sign inside for all to view

Myself enjoying breakfast on route

And the crew doing their bit

Demonstrating flying our Cruising Chute

The Harbour Sill in Grandville

Midnight restaurant fire in Grandville

Harry, Allun and myself walk the walls of St Malo

A new crew celebrate
arriving in Dinan

An evening drink in
a riverside bar

Moored in the River Rance in Dinan

And its so calm

Passing through Chatelier Lock

Very low tide north of the lock

Sailing on route to Portsmouth

A glorious sunset whilst Sailing overnight on route to Portsmouth and Wicormarine our home base

  September saw the last of my passages on ADAT and this was to Lymington the old favourite Dan Bran pontoon.   The rally was attended by many vessels (motor and sail).   On this occasion we all dined in the Mayflower pub being very close and one of the best pubs in the area.  Later our attendance was requested as Elizabeth entertained.   A memorable memory of the season.

September and a Rally to Dan Bran

Dining in the Mayflower pub

Elizabeth entertains