Year 2016

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  We continued this year with the replacement of the headlining.  Our estimate of completion coupled with the now increasing number of “other” tasks, installation of a new heating system, a survey, new cooker, replacement standing rigging, updating all the Mast base pulleys, etc. seemed to stretch a little but with the end result in mind (you only get one chance of a “First Look”) we persevered (see more in the Headlining section).
The start of my sailing this year had been postponed a due to Joy having a new Hip (the second) having been given just 3 days notice.   With recovery problems delaying her physiotherapy and the inevitable inability to drive I had to resign from crewing on a passage to the Scilly Isles late April/May over some 18 days, a trip I was very much looking forward to.  Family of course always comes first and although disappointed I wasn’t worried as there will always be another.
Saying that just how things can change.   Joy had made such good progress that I was excused duties for Vic’s first passage to Shepards Wharf in Cowes.  It started fine on a very cold weekend but our new heater made up for any losses keeping the whole boat very warm and comfortable.  We started the engine to slip but later on route found our Sterling battery manager had all its warning lights on and our batteries weren’t getting charged.   We continued onwards knowing we could use our Mains Battery Charger in the Marina and investigate problem not forgetting Adat was the organising boat and host for the YOSC “Fleet” of 18 persons later that afternoon.  No luck with our investigation so once we departed Cowes we had to rely on our Wind Generator until the problem had been resolved.   That rather put paid to the Scilly Isles but hey, there’s always another day and as they say “that’s sailing”.   With Adat back on her mooring it gave us time to remedy some last minute tasks, installation of the new Cooker being most urgent.   The Alternator was removed once again for a final check with the Service agent.  This turned out as expected to be perfectly operational.   Just days later a group of sailing crew decided that they would board, refit the alternator and further investigate the problem.  Our group made 3 calls to Sterling Ltd for advice on the problem (they couldn’t have been more helpful).   Following their advice our group found the problem, a broken cable joint.   The whole cable was replaced so that this problem should never happen again.  What a relief and what a Result!
The next YOSC venue was Northney Marina for Blind Rowing, Scrap Heap Challenge and in the evening a BBQ.  This is normally a 3 day event held in Island Harbour Marina taking advantage of a bank holiday but on this occasion considering the tides it seemed the event had to be crammed into somewhat less than half a day.  It was one I had not planned to enter but as the Skipper could not make it I stepped in especially as Joy was now more in a position to look after herself (at least for a couple of days).   We were still recovering from our Winter Refit and boarded on the Friday afternoon to remedy 3 of the now few minor remaining problems.  Well, 2 out of 3 wasn’t too bad.   It was windy, sunny and cold but we had a good sail to Chichester.   By the time all 6 yachts arrived we had less than an hour to start our BBQ’s abandoning any thought of Blind Rowing or our infamous Scrap Heap Challenge.   Maybe another day?
This year hadn’t gone too well so far with the passing of a past YOSC member and lately 2 very well known current members all of whom had done so much for the club in their own ways.   Close friends who I will miss.  The latest pushed me to cancel some sailing although I still managed to organise and partake in the Littlehampton event at the end of May.  In the run-up week I had to confirm a group dinner and moorings plus last minute crew changes, transport, reorganise (cancel) sailing immediately after this event plus of course format a menu and the inevitable vittling.   All this as well as making sure Joy (after her hip operation) would be sufficiently catered for.   I needn’t have worried as she was fine.   We motor/sailed from our mooring to Boulder then with time to spare full sail finally motoring to our mooring.   With 4 yachts and 12 persons we all enjoyed our Saturday evening meal in the Arun View Inn and general sight seeing visiting the “rusty” East Beach Cafe on the Sunday (locally know as the “Turd”).  On our return we sailed all the way into sunset furling our Genoa outside Portsmouth harbour and dropping the Main by Gosport (for fuel from their new 24 hour facility).  The best sail this year by far.

Northney BBQ (Ian B,
 Maggie, Ian W & Jem)

Northney BBQ (Ian B, Jem, Mary, Maggie & Christine)

Northney BBQ (Graham, Tony, Anne & Geoff)

Northney BBQ

Sun rising at 0500 at Wicormarine for our passage to Littlehampton

Littlehampton China Girl entertains

Drinks on China Girl

Sun setting on our return to Portsmouth

May, returning from Littlehampton, we pass “Harmony of the Seas”, biggest cruise liner in the world on her maiden passage

  Early June and a visit to Newtown Creek for an evening YOSC BBQ on the west spit.   Mooring on anchor or picking up a buoy we arrived around lunchtime on a hot summers day.   After lunch and dinghying to our YOSC neighbours for the odd celebration, we gathered our flat pack BBQ’s, utensils, food, drink, etc. and made our way to the west spit near the entrance to the harbour.  The east side is now a bird sanctuary and is off limits.   With a hot full sun and our dinghies high on the sand the wine was opened and soon smoke filled the air with many cooking their prepared meals.   It was a very cheery and talkative evening very much enjoyed by all and unfortunately of course it had to end.  Adat ended up towing another member back to his yacht unable to start the outboard.   By this time the sun was just setting on the horizon.   What an evening.

We start the way we wish to carry on

Fires and BBQ’s lit

In full swing

And consuming their produce

Many dinghys moored on the sand spit

Now where did I park the Bike

A good time was had by all

Returning to our yachts in the setting sun

  Next came an adhoc trip to Cherbourg for a Music Festival.  With 4 crew we boarded on Friday 17th June in the evening and slipped across the Channel Saturday after breakfast, a leisurely motor/sail starting downwind, a blissful sail for a couple of hours then motor/sail again for the rest of the passage. We encountered another YOSC yacht making their own way across but they didn’t realise there was a Festival on.  We joined up on “P” pontoon and shared a dinner in town (as well as a few drinks on each others yacht).  It was a 13 hour crossing arriving close to  midnight (French time).   Sunday we started to explore the town looking for signs of the Music yet to come.  There were none in town but marquees, tents, sheds and other structures even an outside High-wire were erected on the green which as we later found out were for a Circus to be held over the coming weekend.   One for the future maybe? There were changes to the Visitors pontoons (N, P & Q).  The steps to the hard from "P" pontoon had gone, replaced with a long pontoon on the water side of the rocks adjacent to the hard connecting all 3 pontoons.  The steps to the hard remain on "Q & N" pontoons.  There was also a new Facilities block (no showers) just off the shore end of "P" pontoon. The Harbour Office itself has also changed, completely out of recognition.    What's more the usual €2 Euro charge for a shower token had gone, the showers and facilities including those on "P" pontoon are free with entry by the code given on payment of your mooring. Don’t forget your 20% discount with your RYA members card.  Monday it rained all day but we made the best of it.  Tuesday 21st was the day of the Music Festival but there was nothing obvious until early evening.  We decided it was time to head to town once again, this time for what we came for, the music.   We were hardly out of the marina when we came across our first group who looked like Hippies with a small gathering and the most weird music ever.  Almost as soon as we neared the start of town we heard music and then more and more and even more.  There was a group, band or disco outside what seemed to be every cafe, restaurant or bar on every street, lane or back alley.   It was everywhere.  We eventually found the main square where a group of around 30 girls were hammering out a number on drums.   Very loud & moving and attracted so many onlookers.   There were also the usual food stalls in the square.   We had a beer in the Fifty's Diner overlooking the square where they have a glassed over Well with model boats and a miniature railway (not working at the time).   Meandering further down back streets I had never ventured before and still the music was everywhere.  Under arches, in lay-bys even on corners, just every way you turned.  Naturally the whole town was closed to traffic.    There seemed to be the whole of Cherbourg in town.  All this walking and listening to the many groups was tiring so another small beer was justified this time in the Cafe du Port.  By this time it was dark and we were now heading back to Adat a little tired but not before coming across yet another group dancing to Salsa. What an evening and one to revisit.  Wednesday after breakfast we slipped for home this time motoring all the way as there was no wind at all.  My laptop used for navigation was u/s (Motherboard fault) so we had to revert to charts and GPS.    Strange how it all comes back (the hard way but almost as effective).   Approaching Bembridge we heard thunder then saw the horizon to horizon sheet lightening behind us and by the time we reached Gosport to refuel it was as black as the ace of spades.   We had no time to top up our water tanks and headed at full speed to our mooring and within just 2 minutes of getting below, the heavens opened.  Every portal and door had to be closed as the stair rods fell with the sky lit up for all to see.  As we found out later, it was some storm with damage and floods inland and we were in the middle of it.  Some experience?   Total time for our return was around 13½ hours which included refuelling.  The following day it was dry and warm as if nothing had happened so using Wicormarine’s Water Taxi once again was some help. A great week and certainly one for the future maybe combined with the Circus event?

Cherbourg, Adat and Hoopla

 Cherbourg, Sharing a drink with Nick & Debbie

Music Festival all over town

Even the youngsters dress up

We stopped for Eats in the town square

Salsa dancing in the street

Crowds and entertainment even in side roads

Sun setting as we approach Portsmouth

RTI Rally, Wishstream (43 ft Loa) overhauling Adat

Rocket Testing Range
South of IOW

Scratchells Bay SE of Needles

Dinner in the Royal Solent Yacht Club Yarmouth

  Mid July YOSC and Guilford Coastal Cruising Club entered yachts for the Round the Island Trophy, an annual event where yachts cruise from specific waypoint to waypoint sailing clockwise around the IOW giving Start time & ETA with a point added for every minute late or early.  Double points added for every minute the engine is run.  This year Adat competed and arrived on the Start line at Bembridge with full sail awaiting the start with several other competing yachts of both clubs.  It wasn’t long when we heard over the VHF that one yacht had already started giving an ETA of less than 1 hour. Then once started other ETA’s varying up to 2 hours and ours realistically around 3 hours plus in what was around 1 to 2 knots wind.  With the rally ending in Yarmouth for dinner in the Royal Solent Yacht Club we soon realised that we might not arrive before midnight and something had to be done.  Whilst debating whether to abort rather than motor all the way, over the VHF came the order from our rally official to abort due to lack of wind and make our own way to Yarmouth.  We first thought of an anchorage in Osborne Bay for lunch then our thoughts turned to logic and the weather forecast.   It promised F4 to F5 Westerley winds before lunch and we saw no reason to doubt that and assumed our lack of wind might be caused by Bembridge shielding us all, at least to some extent.  We opted to continue motor sailing with all sail up and sure enough around Whitecliff Bay the wind arrived together with warmth and the good old sun.  We tacked SW around 15 Nm then back right to the Needles just East of Bridge.  What a fantastic sail with an average of over 6½ knots in F5 winds, ½ Metre waves, sunny, hot and dry and a tidal advantage to boot, ideal sailing weather and by far the best choice.   Onwards running to Yarmouth to Harold Hayes pontoon for company and a well enjoyed evening dinner. Unfortunately this year there wasn't to be a prize giving but that didn't stop the speeches.

  End of July and a midweek cruise East to Sparkes Marina for an evening meal in their Piranha Bar.   We started on Tuesday late afternoon by motoring to Wootton Creek for the night visiting the Fishbourne Inn nearby.  This visit was in place of an anchorage in Osborne Bay because one crew member had never visited Wootton.  The following morning we found our keel jammed by the lifting halyard but when all the halyard was removed it was still stuck.  We headed straight back to base at Wicormarine, breakfasted then once refreshed used timber for protection and gave the keel a “thump” with a 35 LB CQR anchor which freed the keel.   We could only assume that the culprit was a stone lifted with the rising of the keel on a drying mooring in very sticky mud.   Of course that was my fault as I should have lifted the keel knowing I was moored on a drying mooring - lessen learnt.  Now with keel we slipped to Sparkes Marina sailing all the way from Portsmouth harbour.   Our mooring within the marina was rather tight and with wind blowing us off stretched my expertise rather but we managed it without fault.  The meal in the Piranha Bar was earlier than expected as they actually lost our booking but worse was they had also lost another booking for very many more.   The quality and price of our meals more than made up for it though and we all were very pleased and satisfied.  It was a great shame that one of our yachts could not make it. The following morning we were the last to depart the marina and once outside all sail was raised.  Once well south of the Bar Beacon with the engine off the weighted fender was over the side and "Man over board" was called as one crew wish for some MOB practise under sail.  The process was repeated many times over in something like half an hour until finally he asked if I would have a go.  No problems there and we retrieved our Casualty, called a halt and sailed on back to Wicormarine where we lunched and put Adat to bed ready for its next Skipper.

  My next trip was a YOSC BBQ in Bembridge with 10 club yachts.   This event is always popular as we hire Bembridge’s Marquee and both of their large BBQs.  Andy (Partner) was Skipper but was limited in time so I vittled and prepared Adat for the weekend.   With 5 on board we made our way to Bembridge but it was chaos when we arrived with far too many boats just crammed in  For the second year running, their organisation even with 8 months notice this year was inept to say the least.   It was clear from the start that all they were interested in was numbers for financial gain.  All 10 of our flotilla bitterly complained but were rewarded with free mooring for the night.   When we pointed out that should the wind increase damage running into thousands would clearly be done and of course this is our responsibility not Bembridge.  Adat was at best 6 inches away from the next boat. Then we come to the hire of their Marquee and BBQs.   We hired the full marquee and both BBQs and initially they wanted us to share the Marquee with another club and have only one of the BBQs.   Its a small marquee in the first place so dividing it would only leave room for little more than a Family.   We had 30 persons and insisted on the use of both BBQs especially with our long notice.  Unfortunately the other club which I believe were 22 boats had to resort to Flat Pack BBQs and go elsewhere.  What a disappointment for them.  All this with notice sent to Bembridge in November of last year.  It was very clear that Bembridge couldn’t organise a P****p in a Brewery.  Our organised wine tasting went well and the BBQ being the main event was well attended especially with the glorious weather making it an enjoyable evening.  The following day we dined at the Best Dressed Crab on the Fisherman’s Quay and very good it was.   After, we slipped back to Wicormarine where 2 crew departed for home.
   With 3 now on board and knowing that Cowes week was active (and full) we passed Sir Ben Ainslie’s Super-Cat speeding all over the Solent and sailed east to Chichester Marina for the night enjoying a meal in the Yacht Club.  Then one of my favourite moorings in Shanklin for the night dinghying ashore for a meal in the Aqua Hotel (excellent) and finally onwards to Wootton Creek which was full so we headed finally back to Wicormarine.   Unfortunately the Fisherman’s Cottage where I intended to dine was closed.   This last 4 days was to allow one crew to refresh as much as possible and the last day was our Skippers birthday so we celebrated with a Fillet Steak dinner on board washed down with some very good wine.   What a finish to an almost perfect week of sailing.
Immediately after this event our problems were resolved by Bembridge Harbour committee and important decisions were made.  The owner even visited YOSC to demonstrate his willingness to resolve and improve matters and talk about their plans for the future.  They were impressive to say the least.   He has also produced a publicity video made early 2015 which shows the benefits of the harbour with some really splendid views.   It runs for around 5 minutes, shows 2 shots of Adat (about half way through) and has very catching music.  

Sparkes Marina, Adat moored

All 10 dining from 3 yachts
in the Piranha Bar

Sunset on our mooring at Wicormarine

Bembridge showing Adat just 6 inches behind Mygal

Typical BBQ food for all

Not forgetting the odd glass of Wine

BBQ outside our Marquee

Walk across the low lands

Shanklin, Fishermans Cottage moorings (2)

Fishermans Cottage on Shore

Sir Ben Ainslie's Super Cat in the Solent showing its paces

Skipper Andy's birthday card

  September now and another trip to Chichester Marina for a meal in their splendid Yacht Club premises.   As I wanted to trial some Stainless Steel cleaner, Mike & I boarded on the Friday evening in the dry making use of the Wicormarine ferry.   The trial failed but we drank to the project.  Roger, Sara & George boarded Saturday morning and after some sustenance and coffee we slipped motor/sailing to an anchorage in Priory Bay.   By then it was almost continuous fine rain and very windy.   This was George’s first experience on a yacht and his helming was far better than a novice probably due to Sara’s influence.   After lunch we decided in view of the wet F6 and gusting F8 winds to depart and sail direct to Chichester.  By the time we reached the lock the sun was coming out and we entered almost without any delay with Wishstream drawing 2.2 M behind us. Once moored out came all our wet weather gear to dry and what a surprise to find Ticker was already berthed.   A quick sort and tidy on board and we entertained the YOSC Fleet including those who came by car.   Later off to the Yacht Club for a splendid meal.   Sunday couldn’t have been different with no cloud and no wind but it was very warm.  We slipped following Ticker and Wishstream and motored all the way back to Wicor stopping for fuel at Gosport.   A splendid lunch from Roger, tidy and clean the boat for the next Skipper and once again take advantage of the free Wicor ferry. It seemed George enjoyed his first sail and I am sure we will see him again.

  Mid month for a midweek trip to Lymington and their Dan Bran Pontoon, a new concept for YOSC.   Just Allun Proom, Edi Juon, Alan Bew and myself for this one.  We boarded Wednesday morning just after 2 very heavy showers (certainly not forecast), investigated a problem with our Bow Thruster, lunched (omelette) and later slipped making use of the tide.  We undertook some practise in Portsmouth harbour for Allun in picking up a buoy under sail then slipped for the Solent sailing all the way to Lymington and their Dan Bran pontoon.   What a surprise to see Waverley paddling East.  The forecasted F1 winds turned out to be F2 to F4 gusting F5 which was ideal.  Mooring alongside the pontoon we prepared for Drinks & Nibbles on China Girl who followed us in to Lymington.   A little later the crew of 9 boats made their way to the Royal Lymington Yacht Club for our buffet dinner and a glass of something to wash it down. A splendid evening was had by all.   Sunday and showers for some followed by a full English breakfast (cooked by our resident Chef, Allun) and fresh ground coffee.  Around 1000 we slipped with a correctly forecast little wind but incorrectly forecasted fine rain.   We had a deadline to get home by mid afternoon so unfortunately it was to be a rushed motor sail but low and behold, we saw Waverley yet again this time paddling West.  We arrived back at Wicormarine in the dry and made our way home after yet another very enjoyable (and new being midweek) YOSC event.

Chichester and we hang out our Wet weather gear

Adat entertaining the YOSC Fleet

We enjoy our meal in the Yacht Club

Sara guiding George

Sailing Adat on route to Dan Bran, Lymington

Our buffet in the Royal Lymington Yacht Club

The opposite end of our table

“Waverley” paddling Westwards

Sailing reefed to Beaulieu (Rog, David, Mark & Andy)

Most of our fleet dining in the Master Builder

Myself with Tom Cunliffe
 (Pic taken by his wife)

YOSC’s Intrepid long distance live-aboards, Lynne & Ads

   Almost the last trip of the season was to Beaulieu.   I boarded on the Friday evening as the forecast for Saturday was rain from 0600 to 1800 with Skipper Andy and two of his old time friends, David and Mark.  As what seems to be the norm these days, the forecast was wrong yet again and as an ex-employee of the Met Office, its embarrassing!  Saturday saw the arrival of our 5th crew Roger and after refreshments we slipped for the Solent.  Wind was around F4 to F5, wet but by early afternoon the rain stopped and the wind had increased to F6 to F7.   It was a chance to enjoy some serious reefed sailing in waters we knew very well.   With all sail stowed we slipped into the Beaulieu river in the now sunny dry weather and moored in their Marina.  After drinks on board I departed with other crews for dinner in the Master Builder where we met Tom Cunliffe and his wife.   The remainder of ADAT’s crew dined on board entertaining YOSC’s intrepid live-aboard sailors Adam and Lynne.  They later joined us in the Master Builder and after, we all returned to Adat for what turned out to be more drinks.   On the Sunday having breakfasted we slipped after a shaky start for Wicormarine motoring all the way much against the tide to allow Mark and myself to get home.  It was sunny, dry and warmish and very interesting to pass a Sunsail yacht with most of their mast tied to the side, broken around 6 feet above the deck (an expensive repair). At Wicormarine after we said our good-byes we made our way home whilst the remainder made their way to Cowes for the night.   Now we are in October and my thoughts are veering on to our Winter Refit and plans for our work schedule.   Oh dear?
It seems that was the last trip on Adat for this year.  Maintenance planning is mounting on what seems to be a never ending list of tasks with some to be undertaken even whilst she is still in commission.  To complete the Stem Ball replacement program we had to unstep the mast hence preparation whilst still in commission was necessary and we took advantage of this with some Oil (carbon residues) and Fuel cleaning treatments on the engine.

  One surprise at our AGM in November was that I won the YOSC Photographic Competition for best club yacht under sail.  This photograph was printed on our forthcoming Tri-folded Publicity Brochure for 2017.  The yacht was “Wishstream-2” a Nicholson 42 which was sold in December.   Not all bad news though as she was replaced with a Westerly Fulmar 32 within days of Wishstream being sold, what luck.

Competition Winner, taken 2016
July, 'Wishstream-2' YOSC IOW Rally

YOSC Publicity (Tri-folded) Brochure for 2017 showing Photograph on right