Year 2017

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  With so little time in 2016 after our new Heater was installed, this year we concentrated on catching up with the more important tasks of General Maintenance and planned just a little Headlining replacement (see more in the Headlining section).  The mast was stepped yet again for the Rigger to complete the Stem Ball replacements whilst we concentrated on the other tasks.  Finally with mast up and ready for launch we had been notified of a very small crack approximately 12 mm long on the Starboard side at the Stem Ball fitting which eventually necessitated once again stepping the mast for a close inspection thus delaying our launch.   The repair was agreed and steps taken for the contractor to complete his work (see Modifications section).   This meant an engine only passage to the contractor for a few days for the work to be undertaken (yet another Mast Stepping), a return trip to our home berth and our own time on reconnecting all the necessary (boom, ropes, electrics, etc.) after a mast stepping.  This done we were ready for some sailing (at last) and with a new mainsail, track and rollers we couldn’t wait.

March, Engineers board and prepare for Mast lift

Crane takes up the slack whilst Shrouds are uncoupled

Mast lifted and being laid on the trestles

Mast Strop fitted under Uppers for lift

  My first trip incorporated a shakedown to get used to the advantages of our new mainsail and this came in May with a YOSC event in Bembridge.   A shakedown for me in very light winds both ways but it was still a very favourable and pleasing shakedown.   The sail behaved perfectly.   We arrived in Bembridge in time for a lunchtime Pontoon Party and Wine Tasting on a members boat then later a BBQ (including a marquee) on the hard courtesy of the Marina.  Of course all this was interspersed with drinks on several members boats, well we hadn’t seen them for some time and we had to catch-up.  We had six on board and eight for dinner on the Tuesday evening which is really about our normal limit although we have catered for more.  The weather for these few days could not have been better with around 25 deg and full sun but the best of the whole event was the sheer ease of mooring.   With out a doubt midweek events make it so much more pleasant and almost certainly one for the future of YOSC.

So hot we drank in the cockpit until ‘early’

Drinks & nibbles on the pontoon

More on board and reserves being prepared

Cooking and enjoying
 our BBQ in the evening sun

Lynne, Liz and Pam enjoying the minute

  Early June now and a trip to Newtown Creek for a Saturday evening BBQ on the west bank of the entrance.   This is a regular and once popular YOSC event but on this occasion I believe the weather played its part as there were only three yachts attending.  We had 4 on board Adat boarding Friday evening and slipping for Newtown 1000 Saturday.   With winds up to 35 knots we had a brilliant sail tacking all the way eventually mooring on a buoy.   With no contact with either of the other expected yachts we opted to BBQ on board making full use of Andy’s COBB BBQ mounted on our timber cockpit table. Yes, and the table was actually cold to the touch.   Completely safe.  What a machine!  Soon with Nefertari mooring alongside Adat with 3 on board and also opting to cook on board we eventually made contact with Miranda who beat us all and was anchored in Clamerkin Lake again with 3 on board.  They were the only yacht opting to BBQ on the beach but after joined us with Nefertari making 10 on board for evening drinks.  Eventually good times come to an end and we said our good-byes especially as by then the wine had run out (but don't tell anybody and spoil Adat’s reputation).   Sunday came early (so I've been told) but we arose much later slipping after breakfast around 1000.  With a westerly wind we just flew the Genoa all the way to Portsmouth entrance then motored to our mooring and all in a leisurely warm sun.  Putting the boat to bed we couldn't help but notice the cloud and promising rain making its way but we stayed dry.   Another successful YOSC event missed by so many?


Miranda landing on the shore

Nefertari moored alongside

All 10 down below on Adat for evening drinks

  Mid June one of my Partners found one tube of our dinghy absolutely flat.   So much so he could put his hand right inside.  It transpired a seam had parted probably due to old age and the excessive heat we were experiencing at that time.  When not used our dinghy had been stored and locked 24/7 in a “toast rack” out in the open and with the accumulated atmospheric dirt was certainly showing its age.  Fortunately Wicormarine supply hard chined dinghies for their customers which fortunately fitted this occasion.  Urgent calls were made and a decision was taken to renew the dinghy.   It had served very well over the past eleven years but with an expensive repair to the tube and a repair to the seat fixings outstanding we thought in view of its age it best to cut our losses.   Deciding to stay with Excel Boats, we opted for their Volante SD290 (design cat C) which is slightly larger than our existing SD260 (cat D) and comes again with a keel, inflatable floor, 2 seats this time, two piece oars, hand pump, repair kit and a protective cover as an extra.   The cover will hopefully protect the dinghy from minor damage whilst stored and atmospheric dirt and UV from the sun.
A call was made to Excel Boats and the dinghy in Navy Blue (to compliment the colours of our yacht Adat) was delivered the following day however it was then my tasks began.  I had to obtain rubberised paints in Black (for the silver coloured items) and Yellow for the floor and Navy Blue tubes of the dinghy.   Also Stencils IE “T/T ADAT” and “ADAT” for the paints.  In less than a week the new dinghy was ready for deployment having been thoroughly labelled, security marked with our registered Smartwater system and many identifying photographs taken.

SD290 Dinghy from Transom

Showing Inflatable Floor

Bow starboard side marking

Transom markings

   June wasn’t a good month for me as due to a Rotator Cuff tear I had to cancel any sailing almost for the rest of the season (see Home section).   The good news is that we have a 3 week trip planned sailing directly to the Scilly Isles returning via various mainland ports and I have approval from my surgeon for the sailing providing I use caution so I have to accept I will have a very limited input. However by middle August after a serious re-evaluation I decided that unfortunately it wasn’t going to be and reluctantly cancelled my participation.  I was needless to say devastated.  In the end with crew problems at the end and beginning of the trip it was not to be itself and modified to a passage West to pastures as yet unknown.   And the Scilly Isles, most likely postponed to another day hopefully next year (when I will be fit).  One benefit of the outcome was that I gave a crew member a crash tuition on the use of Electronic Charting Navigation which will of course will prove beneficial for his future sailing.

   October saw a planned YOSC weekend cruise to Chichester.  This was to be a target for me in my own fitness although I still wasn’t fit enough to undertake any seriously hard manual tasks.  After due planning I had two recently qualified Day Skippers, one very experienced all-round sailor and another who was planning to qualify at Yachtmaster Offshore in 2018.   The latter was very keen (and capable) to Skipper the event and I was confident as the experience would indeed add to his already impressive expertise.  I was informed by all on board that I wasn’t to strain my arm (rotator cuff tear operation) in any way and so was restricted to very light duties although I was allowed to lift a “pint”.  It was a very restful weekend for me.  The sail east to Chichester was a reefed Genoa run in consistent 35 knots wind.   Chichester Marina is always a good venue and of course the Yacht club meals speak for themselves.   We timed it to perfection as we approached the lock as they had just opened for Free-Flow whereas our return was a lock-in/out.   And yes of course the weather for our return to Wicormarine forced a donk all the way.   Naturally with our trainee Skipper being a keen Chef we dined Friday evening on Fillet steak cooked to perfection and our return lunch on Sunday a Jacket with lashings of Tuna all of course washed down with plenty of wine.   This was the last YOSC event of the year so we now start to plan all those tasks for our coming Winter Refit.  Oh why does Winter come every year?

  We started our Winter Refit planning before the end of October whilst still in commission with an Engine & Gearbox service (Oils & Filters, etc.), planning for a “lift” at the end of the month. Having all the Partners on board gave us a chance to discuss all those items we had accrued over the year now noted on our Winter Lay-up “Tasks List” immediately implementing some as required.  First, and most important was the removal and recovering of the Sprayhood Grab Rail in tan coloured leather.   This was necessary as the Cockpit Tent is zipped to the Sprayhood for erection thus keeping our cockpit dry and warmish allowing an additional workroom over the Winter break.   The following day Adat was blocked off on the hard awaiting the start of our Refit.   That surely says our sailing season is well and truly over for 2017.

  Our topsides being thin, no longer gave us a good “shine”, are not in an ideal condition and have in the past attracted moisture which had proved expensive to repair.   We have on several occasions discussed ways to remedy this by either Painting of Wrapping (ruling out Wrapping as not ideally appropriate) although neither would have been a perfect solution.   Also with the very real possibility of NO headlining being undertaken during this refit and finding a local tradesman who specialised in this work we thought a Quote would be in order.   This proved very satisfactory and during the course of discussion he also suggested re Gel-Coating our topsides.  This was indeed an excellent idea as it would not only renew the “shine” but also and very importantly strengthen the surface.  A local tradesman was found and quoted however the cost of this work plus any Headlining was mounting and after further discussion we opted to combine this work together (Gel Coating and Headlining) in October 2018 taking 3 weeks for completion.