Year 1999

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   The Winter Refit was our first and was very intense as we covered as many problems as we could however that still left more than we would have liked. We were confident that we had resolved all the major tasks enabling ADAT to sail IE: ready for sea.   When using our lifting keel, ADAT behaved more like a motor boat rather than a yacht and although I started my marine experiences on a motor boat my partners did not and found it “trying” in some circumstances so we decided to install a Bow Thruster.  This proved itself very beneficial indeed. Year 1999 came with some more serious sailing where we could use ADAT to better advantage albeit mostly locally but being a Class 1 vessel she is capable of much longer passages and that is my overall intention.
Wootton Creek next for YOSC’s Lobster Hunt where each yacht has to find (buy, catch, etc.) a Lobster, the biggest still alive wins.  We weren’t the biggest but ours was still alive and yes both were bought from the Fisheries in Portsmouth.  Just a weekend but it was a good start and this was soon followed by another weekend with some close friends.   Then came our first Cross Channel trip, a YOSC cruise to Normandy visiting ports from Fe Camp to Ouistreham and home.  In Honfluer we had the chance to demonstrate the advantages of our new Bow Thruster in letting out an inner yacht of our raft of three.   So easy!   Later we planned to view the Eclipse in the middle of the Channel but first under anchor outside Bembridge we took advantage of our lifting keel and cleaned off the “crud” on our hull.   Clearly a better Antifouling was needed.  Unfortunately due to cloud cover we didn’t get the best view but it certainly did get dark.  Another Cross Channel trip this time to St Vaast for dinner in Fuchsias Restaurant which is always a delight and of course we had to enjoy a visit to Tatihou on the amphibious Ferry.

June. We win the YOSC Lobster Hunt trophy. This is our Skipper, David Seward delighted with the trophy and our Lobster in Wootton Creek

We dine on board after a weekend's sailing with John Allum, David, Chris & Trevor Blunden

The Syndicate Partners
David Seward, Chris
Freeman and myself get together on the Foredeck

July. YOSC Summer Cruise in Normandy. Carole Willis helming with Eric Meighen & myself on route to Honfleur

Honfleur with Mygal & Adat alongside outside the Inner Basin where we demonstrated our Bow Thruster

August. On anchor outside Bembridge awaiting the tide. We took advantage of our lifting keel and cleaned her hull (now there really is another story)

August. Middle of the Channel, drifting. The eclipse of the sun is nearly over and we all relax

All on aboard Adat in St Vaast for pre-dinner drinks

The Tatihou Amphibious Ferry

A visit to the Yachting Club in the Marina

All aboard Constance for a celebration

Myself up the mast yet again