Up the Creek - South Coast

Calshot Spit Bay, Southampton Water

  Calshot Activities Centre in Hampshire is one of the largest Outdoor Adventure Centres in Britain and is run by Hampshire County Council.  They have a reputation for excellence and professionalism and operate to the highest standards.  Calshot offers residential and non-residential courses in an unrivalled number of exciting water and land based activities.  Situated in a unique position on the shores of the Solent, its magnificent setting gives immediate access to the countryís most popular Water sports location.   Ashore, historic Hangars accommodate a state of the art climbing complex, the only indoor Velodrome in Southern England and a dry Ski Slope.

  Well, thatís not what you thought Calshot Spit was all about but its true.  From the south amble past  the Castle and jetty and immediately turn to the west.  Slowly passage inland in very shallow waters and then south.   You will have to be very aware of what could be many small dinghies possibly with young skippers most of which would be under training.   After about 200 Metres you will see several small vessels moored in the bay.   Drop anchor for a drying mooring for the evening and enjoy the many small dinghies or just take in the sheer tranquillity, peace and solitude of this out of the way, off he beaten track mooring but beware, this bay is NOT for the feint hearted.   Dinghy ashore for a BBQ on the shingle or even take a swim in the surprisingly warm waters.

Calshot Spit Bay (Extract from Chart GB502038)

Calshot Spit Bay

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