Up the Creek - South Coast

Goathorn/Hill Points, Poole

  Enter Poole harbour in your usual way and once past the Ferry turn west.  Pass through the first South Deep and follow round past Goathorn Point south west.  Drop anchor east of Hill & Cleavel Points out of the channel on the Hill Point side but beware of the obstructions.  Its a shallow/drying mooring and a dinghy ride ashore but the rewards are worth it as testified by the many vessels moored in the west end of the bay.  Obviously a high spring is a must.   The west end can be more sheltered but it would have to be pretty rough to get me there and by then I would have preferred E.G. Poole Town Marina.  Anchoring here is preferable and is only a short dinghy to shore where you can enjoy swimming, BBQs, beach combing and the best sunsets around.  The area is sheltered by the Islands around and another dinghy ride will allow you to explore them also.   The area is a haven for wildlife both on shore and off.  The ideal spot on the shore is where there is a small cave, about half way along the spit.  Very small indeed but it might take a couple of children.  Of course should the weather change then shelter is but a short dinghy away.   I have no photographs of this spot but there are the testimonies of many YOSC vessels that have experienced this anchorage.

Goathorn & Hill Points (Extract from Chart GB50224H)

© Copyright Terry Paynter