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Guernsey Bays for Anchoring, Channel Islands

  There are so many bays of interest for anchoring around Guernsey (weather permitting of course) although the best are on the south and east coast with the west coast to be avoided.   I have selected just a few of the more popular and easier bays some with excellent sandy beaches and some completely isolated for the quieter anchorage.   All Lat/Long’s are approximate and for guidance only.   Also to bear in mind this area may have some data inaccuracies.   Check your chart thoroughly.

Soldiers Bay showing a small boat at anchor (and well in)

Soldiers Bay (049º 26.67N  002º 31.85W).  A sandy beach on the east coast next bay south of Havelet and has good shelter.  Good holding on sand.  Steps to cliff path.  Beware Boue Sablon an awash rock and rocks off Les Terres Point.

Fermain Bay (recommended) showing several boats at anchor

Bec du Nez

Fermain Bay (049º 26.08N  002º 32.07W).  Another sandy attractive popular tourist beach on the east coast and I think one of the best of the rest.   Approx. 1 mile south of St Peter Port just south of Fermain Point.  Good holding in sand.  Anchor well clear of the Ferry launches (small wheeled mini pontoon on the beach).  The Ferry takes passengers to/from St Peter Port.   Beware Gold Fisher rock (dries 3.6M) and Gabrielle rock (dries 2.1M)

Bec du Nez (049º 25.81N  002º 31.92W).    A small cove on the east coast south of Fermain Bay.  A quieter bay but still popular.   Beware Gabrielle rock (dries 2.1M quarter mile east of Bec du Nez).


Petit Port

Divet (049º 25.73N  002º 31.91W).  Another bay on the east coast, immediately south of Bec du Nez, around the short promontory separating the two bays.  Avoid Gabrielle Rock. (dries 2.1M).

Petit Port (049º 25.51N  002º 02.32W).  On the south coast approx. ½ mile west of St Martin’s Point and west of Jerbourg Point, tucked well in the north east side of the larger bay.  Good holding on sand.  Steps lead up to “The Auberge”, a popular fine dining restaurant and bar with spectacular views.   Leave Mouilliére rock to starboard (dries 8.5M).

Moulin Huet

Petit Bôt Bay

Moulin Huet (049º 25.58N  002º 32.79W).  On the south coast approx. ½ mile west of St Martin’s Point and west of Jerbourg Point, tucked well in the north west side of the larger bay (opposite side to Petit Port.   South coast again.   Good holding on sand.  Tea Garden and Hotel west of the bay.

Petit Bôt Bay (049º 25.46N  002º 34.86W)   Another on the south coast.   This bay is in the north west side of Icart Bay and offers a possible anchorage in quiet weather or when the wind is northerly and settled.  Keep the Martello Tower at the head of Petit Boy bearing 347ºT to avoid Fourquie de la Moye rock (dries 3.3M).

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