Up the Creek - Further Afield

Shell Beach, Herm, Channel Islands

  This mooring is probably the best I have used yet although we had to shelter in St. Peter Port for a few days for the weather to improve.  Looking at the chart was not for the faint hearted with all those rocks around and of course the fierce rip tides drawing you away from one rock then on to another.   The buoyage was not that good and local knowledge would have helped but with patience and a steady applied mind I made my dream come true and the rewards were, well 3 days on Shell Beach says it all.   Make your way to the beach on the north east side of the Island to Shell Beach on a high tide of course and anchor making sure you will have enough water to slip later.  On low tide see how the anchor never digs in properly (and bury it) and the next low tide, the same.  Bowls or Petanque, BBQ of course with a glass of chilled wine using the dinghy to sit on, swim in the very shallow warm water or deeper father out around the rocks or just chill out in the sand dunes.   Ice cream on the beach or just a stroll around the Island taking about a couple of hours.   For a small island you would be surprised at how much there is to see, and the views from the hill tops on a clear day are magnificent.   A short walk inland to the well sign posted Mermaid pub and walk on past to the White House Hotel for a much better and reasonably priced meal and ales.  For those who cannot take the ground don’t fret, still visit as you can anchor just a little further out to sea dinghying ashore.  Should you not wish this distance then anchor in the next bay (clockwise), Belvoir Bay and again use the dinghy.  This bay is very popular with smaller motor boats and can be very busy in the summer.  Why not visit the Harbour where they manage to squeeze in about four vessels or farther clockwise and moor on the beach (anchor with a shore line) although the beach is no where as good as Shell Beach.   On your stroll around the island you will see very few (if any) vehicles apart from small tractors that transport the Hotel customers luggage for them.   The larger Island south west is called Jethou and, not that you’d want to, but there is no landing.  From Shell Beach it is a clear run to Sark which is very much a relief as motoring around the small bays and rocks to get to this beach can prove rather stressful, especially for the first time.  The last photograph is of a motor boat that was actually sold and the original owner decided to have a last passage before handing it over later that day.   A very lucky mooring really and the surprise was that he did very little damage when she was eventually floated off.

  I cannot emphasise how enjoyable the mooring on Shell Beach was and how much our crew enjoyed it.   If you’re ever in the area and are able - give it a try.

Herm Aerial view

Adat on Shell Beach with BBQ & Chilled Wine

Looking south to Belvoir Bay

Herm rocks wreck

The excellent Belvoir Bay with Shell Beach round the head

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