Up the Creek - South Coast

Parkstone, Poole

  Parkstone Yacht Club was established in 1895 and is situated on the North shore of the second largest harbour in the world.   The Club has an active membership of 2500 members, comprising equal numbers of dinghy and cruiser owners.  Both sailing and racing are actively encouraged for the amateur sailor young and old alike.   Their facilities include, large changing rooms with plenty of hot water showers to greet sailors at the end of a day's racing.  The Club employs a number of full time Staff to manage the site, including Yard staff to maintain rescue boats and offer a service to members, and in the Clubhouse they have excellent Restaurant & Bar facilities.   The recent development of the Yacht Club Haven has provided 200 deep water berths for members and up to 8 temporary berths for members and visitors.   Additional visitor berths are available as Haven berth holders vacate their moorings.

  Enter Poole Harbour as if aiming for Poole Marina.  Keep in the Middle Ship Channel with the fuel barge to port and head for number 49 Green Hand Buoy.   Turn to starboard on course approx. 025º through Parkstone Shoal heading for number 35 Green Hand Buoy.   This marks the start of the dredged channel to the entrance to Parkstone Yacht Club’s Marina.   Visitors pontoons are by arrangement with the Club’s Berth Master (VHF CH 80), are reasonably priced (plus Poole Harbour Dues) and can come with electricity & water.   They run a Boatwatch scheme during the evening and at night.  Full time staff and volunteers run the restaurant and provide lunch, dinner and tea.   I can also recommend the bar.   The views from their terrace overlooking Poole Harbour towards Brownsea Island are excellent.   There are a few shops nearby but only just within walking distance.  The club is very well established, helpful, friendly, make visitors very welcome and their lounge is well worth experiencing but please try to stay awake (they are so comfortable).

Parkstone Yacht Club Entrance
(Extract from Chart GB50224H)

Sunset at Parkstone Yacht Club

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