Up the Creek - South Coast

Shipstal Point, Poole

  Enter Poole harbour in your usual way as if aiming for Poole Marina.  Head for the fuel barge just off the Middle Ship Channel and enter the Wych Channel on the port side passing through the many buoyed vessels, following the channel around the north west side of Brownsea Island heading south.  Pass Pottery Pier turning north west and enter the Upper Wych Channel.   Drop anchor in good holding or pick up a private buoy at Shipstal Point but beware the buoys owner may return at any time.  The Harbourmaster may also pass by for advice and help (but rarely does).  Itís a shallow mooring and best be as close to the west shore as possible.   Iíve anchored here in a westerly F7 blowing outside the harbour with not so much as a ripple on the water.  Bliss indeed.  Ideal for a swim but the best is to come.  Dinghy ashore, all of a couple of Metres to a shingle bank.  Walk a few more Metres to the wood entrance and pick up the timber board walk (pathway).  It seems very strange to have a timber path some 2 feet wide running through the woods but it does and will lead you on a nature walk to a 2 tier Bird Hide where you can observe at length much of the wildlife in the many rushes and woodlands nearby.  On my return from the hide one afternoon I passed right through a herd of deer in the woods.  This area attracts many families both young and old.   Being so sheltered itís ideal to ride out bad weather should you be so unfortunate or on a sunny, warm day just relax.

Shipstal Point, Poole (Extract from Chart GB50224H)

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