Up the Creek - South Coast

Wareham Creek, Poole

  Wareham is approached from the Wareham Channel and on to the River Frome or South River, the other being the River Piddle or Trent which is not something one would discuss after a drink.  There are moorings available on route but best is Wareham Town Quay which is available for vessels with up to 1.2M draft (absolute maximum due to continuous silting).   Enter Poole Harbour as if aiming for Poole Marina.   Keep on the Middle Ship Channel with the fuel barge to port and head for the Ferry terminals.   Passage onwards west entering the Wareham Channel.  Continue onwards for several miles past the Ridge Wharf Yacht Centre where you may anchor on the port side.  Again continue past Redcfille Yacht Club to Wareham Quay where there is room for 2 vessels at most.   Do not use the well marked Ferry Quay as it is in continuous use.   The journey is almost 7 miles from Ferry terminals therefore a high spring and shoal draught is advised although the tide range at best is no more than 1 metre.   The passage requires some careful navigation and planning especially should you not be able to moor at Wareham.   It is advisable to keep to outside of all bends.  It seems very strange to view other yachts only by the tops of their masts as they passage through the reed beds and other vessels moored on the shore side some sadly, badly neglected.  Eat at the Old Granary, the pub by its side both just a few Metres from the River or stroll just a few Metres down the high street nearby for a selection of shops, pubs and restaurants.  Take a gentle dinghy ride upstream for an after dinner evening jaunt.     Should you not be able to moor at the Quay then take advantage of the Sailing clubs on route.  They all welcome visitors and may even help with mooring.

Wareham Channel (Extract from Chart GB50224H)

Wareham Quay (Extract from Chart GB50224H)

Wareham very narrow Approaches

Wareham Quay & Bridge

Wareham Quay with 'Hector' & 'Ticka' moored

The Old Granary Restaurant & Bar

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